Custom Post Types or CPT’s as their often called are fundamental and incredibly important components of WordPress. When WP first started out as a blog, the “Post” was the central content object. And even as WP evolved to become a full-fledged CMS and web development framework, the Post remains front and center. The difference today is that a WP site might have anywhere from 10 to 50 or even more different Post Types.

WP of course ships with a few Post Types. We might call these… Default Post Types or DPT’s? No, don’t do that. These include “Post” and also “Page”. So when you load up a fresh new WP install and see Posts/Pages in the WP Admin menu, that’s what you are seeing is two different Core Post Types. That’s the term I was looking for… CORE Post Types.

What is a CPT? Simply it is any Post Type registered not by WordPress, but by a plugin or theme. Normally CPT’s are registered by plugins, but it is certain possible for a theme to also register a CPT.


class WhatUp {