Every website owner has heard it over and over again by now, make your website mobile friendly! It’s important to users, and yes, it’s also important to your search engine optimization. We categorize site mobile friendliness or mobile-optimization as a type of technical SEO.

Like anything else mobile friendliness is something we can measure on a scale. At least we can invent a scale to measure it, or use various testing tools and analyze the results. The point is mobile optimization of your website isn’t a one-off thing. Usually websites are not either terrible or perfect on mobile. There is a large spectrum in between.

  1. Start with an assessment of your site on mobile. A thorough assessment will look at the site on a variety of devices.
  2. From the technical SEO perspective a key factor is the mobile load speed. This is of course also important to your website users so you’re doing good things on both fronts when you can improve it.
  3. Make a plan to address site mobile issues by priority. This often means getting a quote from a developer on implementing changes. It’s also wise to discuss with your site developer what the best approach to handling the work will be to reduce costs and gain the maximum impact. Sometimes mobile optimization like many aspects of technical SEO, require us to make substantial changes to the site content as well.

One of the tools we routinely use here at Eat/Build/Play to test mobile friendliness is the Hubspot Website Grader.