AirTable Connect plugin for MMSA

MMSA (Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance) uses AirTable to organize data coming through their website and offline sources. It provides them with a way to produce reports, manage communication and track results. The problem was that their event management system and their learning system, did not push data into AirTable.

We developed a custom WordPress plugin to the MMSA website that pushes data from their WP site into their AirTables. The main challenge we faced in handling this was properly handling data coming out of LearnDash. Although this plugin often advertises it’s “advanced quiz system” the reality is LearnDash uses WP Pro Quiz as it’s testing engine, and has very poor support for building integrations.

The second plugin we needed to push data to AirTable from is Events Manager Pro. This was fairly straight-forward as Events Manager Pro is a well-built plugin.

WordPress tip: improve site performance and avoid plugin bloat by putting the small customizations your site needs into a custom utility plugin.