China has already reported great results from it’s social credit system which monitors citizens and measures their behavior and speech. The system credits good behavior like sincerely complimenting the CCP on it’s governing, and it debits the citizens social credit score for bad behavior like crossing the street outside of a crosswalk.

The United States, unfortunately, like much of the Western world has fallen behind on managing its citizens. We do not have sufficient surveillance to track every moment of each citizen’s life. And even if we did, we lack the technology to store and rate every action by the citizen. The result, our citizens are still doing and saying things they shouldn’t. And most of it is racist, and the rest is sexist.

That’s why we propose the Kaepernick Standard, named after the greatest human rights activist ever. The Kaepernick Standard will be a 1,000 point system. If you are Colin Kaepernick, you get 1,000 points. Everyone else will be compared to Colin, and rated accordingly.

Kaepernick Standard Approved ActivitiesSocial Justice Points
Burn the flag1,500
Organize a statue toppling7,500
Commit a violent crime and then sue the police for wrongful arrest17,500
Virtue signal on Twitter1,200
Promote communism4,500
Shoot a black child and then pretend racism did it28,000
Buy the correct social justice branded products500 points per $100 spent
Spit in the face of a soldier1,000
Shoot a police officer15,000
Use correct and perfect words for an entire day500
Use 1 incorrect word(500)
Use 5 incorrect words(5,000)
Wear Adidas or Reebok(5,000)
Buy only Nike gifts for Christmas50,000