Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the number of visitors that land on your website and then leave immediately without visiting another page or taking any forward action. You can think of it in other terms as a swing and a miss.

Bounce rate is obviously important because when you lower the bounce rate it means increasing positive results including conversions. Even having visitors spend a little more time and visit more pages is a sign that at least there is some interest, and it’s a step in the right direction.

According to a report by the average Bounce Rate is between 41-51%. Other studies have shown that the “baseline” average Bounce Rate also varies by industry and where your traffic is coming from.

Avoiding vanity metrics when setting social media KPI’s

A vanity metric can be thought of as a superficial goal, it’s a number that might sound good or look nice in a presentation but doesn’t actually help you reach your business goals. Part of setting effective KPI’s is to too look at the relevant to your business objectives and avoid vanity metrics that won’t help your cause.

Main categories of social media marketing KPI’s